College Audition #5: The University of Saint Francis/Fort Wayne Ballet (Covid-19 Style!)

My final audition of the season was supposed to take place at the University of Saint Francis on March 28, 2020. However...the world had other plans! Unable to cross the state border into Indiana due to the just beginning Covid-19 crisis, I had to alter my plans. Rather than going for a live audition, I had to send in videos. This was great except.... I didn't have access to a studio to make any videos.

I ended up submitting audition videos I had made months prior as pre-screens to other schools. This made me quite nervous because I felt that my technique had improved since the videos were taken and I didn't feel they accurately represented my capabilities. They were also videos that had been rejected by one of the schools I sent them to, so I was a little worried to use them for my USF submission.

However, I had no other option, so I emailed the videos to the school and anxiously awaited a response. Within a very short amount of time, I was informed that I had been accepted to their BFA program! Not only that, I was also offered a Trainee position with Fort Wayne Ballet. I was in complete shock and super excited!

I think it just goes to show how you have to find the place that fits for you. Rather than believing I am a failure for not getting into certain schools, I can choose to recognize that maybe they just weren't where I was meant to be. The USF/FWB partnership is extremely unique in that I'll be able to perform with the company while I am earning my BFA. In addition, the University is also working with me to compensate my desire to double major! So, I'll be able to perform professionally, earn my BFA in Dance, and get my Business degree

It has really turned out to offer me the best of both worlds, with dancing and academic study,

and I am so grateful that this audition journey has lead me here!

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