Interview with Marsden Cousins!

Photo of Mary at the Paris Opera Summer Intensive

I'm so excited to share a wonderful interview I was able to do with a talented student named Marsden Cousins! She has a wide variety of experience with summer intensives that I'm glad she was willing to share with me!

Hi my name is Marsden I’m a 14 year old dancer from Canada I attended the Edge school for athletes and currently train in their pre pro division. I have travelled around the world for workshops and summer schools. I hope to become a professional ballet dancer when I grow up.

1.) How old were you when you started dance and how long have you been dancing?

I was 2 when Is started dancing but I started dancing seriously about 5 years ago.

2.) How old were you when you did your first Summer Intensive, and what made you decide to do it? I was 11 when I did my first SI I decided to do it because my ballet teacher at the time encouraged me to

3.) What has been your favorite Summer Intensive experience so far? I can’t pick one favourite! I have loved them all for different reasons but a highlight this past summer was having private classes with Leonid Sarafanov.

Photo of Mary with Leonid Sarafanov.

4.) Can you describe your most recent summer intensive?

This past summer I went to San Francisco ballet, Paris opera ballet summer school , a week with Leonid Sarafanov, as well as my home studios summer course. They were all different. In SAN Francisco I lived with my mom and in Paris I got to stay in residence! I met amazing dancers and teachers at both schools and learned so much! I am very thankful

5.) What things do you consider when you choose a Summer Intensive? When I choose a summer intensive I look for schools that teach a style I enjoy or would like to learn. I ask my teachers and other dancers advice and I research a lot on the internet to see what is a good fit for me.

6.) have you ever experienced bullying or seen it happen to someone else at an intensive? If so, can you please offer advice on how to deal with it? I have never seen or experienced bullying at any summer intensives I have attended. You have to remember there are going to very talented dancers at any summer program and you can’t compare yourself to them or let people bring you down .

Photo of Mary by Tarzan Dan

7.) Can you describe your experience with WBAC and what it's been like to make it to the finals? My experience at WBAC has been great. I love performing for an audience and met so many great dancers at the finals from all over the world. I hope to go back next year and compete again

8.) What is it like being a Bloch ambassador?

Being a bloch ambassador is so much fun!! I get lots of products to try and it feels like Christmas when I get a package! I love bloch products and am proud to represent them

9.) What are your future goals for dance? My future goals are to continue my training either in a post graduate program or as an apprentice and eventually become a member of the Corps or maybe even a soloist! I hope to end up in Europe. I can’t imagine not dancing .

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